Great video content starts with a solid plan.
YouTube. Vlogs. Instastories. Viral Videos.
Video is the future of marketing.
If you've never experimented with video marketing, this is the time.

What the heck do you mean by "video marketing"?

Video marketing is just a fancy way of saying "spreading your message with videos".

Marketing your expertise with video is the ultimate way to build a strong, unwavering connection with your audience. If you're just starting your business or in the process of rebranding, this is the perfect time to think about how to incorporate video into your business image!

But throwing a video or two out there in the world and expecting a million hits just isn't realistic.

So what IS realistic?
A strategy. A plan to put out consistent videos that your audience will want to see.

If you do it correctly your audience will grow to tens of thousands then hundreds of thousands of loyal followers and you will build a following online, simply by sharing your expertise through video and being authentically and unapologetically YOU.

If you're ready for that, you need a custom video marketing plan. We call this your "video visibility plan".

I'm Ready to Book!
What can I expect from the
Video Visibility Plan?
The video visibility plan is a comprehensive plan customized for your goals, your audience, and your current resources and budget. 

You'll leave with:
  • Answers to all of your video questions (how do I shoot with my camera? Where can I get the best light? Will this look any good? Do I need to hire a videographer?)
  • An easy-to-implement video marketing plan (this might include a content calendar, a video "style guide", resources for production, etc.)
  • Creative content and storytelling ideas (we're going to give you a TON of ideas)
  • Inspiration to start using video, continue using video, and build up your video library over time (video is NOT easy to dive in to. Consider us your video team!)
  • Confidence in your messaging and story so you know exactly how to sell yourself to other businesses, big brands, or new customers. 
  • A clear understanding of how video will grow your online audience (a start-to-finish roadmap)

Everything you need to build a strong video presence online is practically handed to you. All you need to do is upload your video and click "share"

It's visibility magic. That's why we call it a Video Visibility Plan.

I Need This NOW!
How does it work?
Step 1
Let's set up a time to meet (over the phone or in-person). Yu'll get an intake form to fill out beforehand so we're prepared to dive right in!
Step 2
We have a 60 to 90-minute strategy session talking everything from your biggest business dreams to your hardest challenges. We strive to make this experience a LOT of fun.
Step 3
Within a week, you will receive a video visibility plan in your inbox, and you're off to the races! Want to continue working with Paige Media? You can apply your payment to any future packages you purchase. 
Investment: $400
What can I achieve from the
Video Visibility Plan?
  • Get more likes, loves, and shares on your Facebook videos.
  • Double, triple, and quadruple your Instagram followers.
  • Build a consistent flow of increasing YouTube subscribers.
  • Finally grow your YouTube subscribers with consistent video content.
  • Get noticed by your favorite brands when they reach out to you for corporate partnership opportunities.
  • Approach your video shoots with confidence and a powerful voice.
  • Land coveted speaking engagements and television appearances.
  • Skyrocket your thought leadership and expertise.
  • Put a plan in place to achieve your biggest business goals!
Paige Wilhide is committed to helping women share their stories powerfully through video. She is the founder of Paige Media, a video marketing and production company that works with ONLY awesome people to have ton of fun making incredible videos. Coming from a background in theatre, production, marketing, and sales, Paige knows what it takes to tell a great story. She’s traveled the world in search of beautiful stories. She has worked with big brands like Black & Decker, Comcast, and Under Armour to produce creative video content, but her real passion lies in helping game changers, influencers, and disrupters grow their thought leadership with video. Paige Media is on a mission to make video more accessible for everybody. Learn more at